2015 Paper Lantern Ideas

Paper Lantern Ideas

Paper Lantern Ideas

A store front display. Thanks to Eszter Czibok Designs.

Eszter Czibok Designs - Window display


Paper Lantern Tips

Paper lanterns are very fragile and must be handled with care. They are packaged flat with a frame that is used to expand it.

Floating clouds for Baby Shower

Floating cloud for baby shower - made with paper lanternsMaterials needed for this project

1. Paper lanterns (different sizes)

2. Batting or cotton rolls

3. LED curtain lights (battery operated)

4. Fishing wire

5. Hooks

6. Dowel

7. Glue gun and glue sticks



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2015 Paper Lantern Colors
Lace fabric chinese lantern
Rose fabric chinese lantern
Soccer Paper lantern
Sky or floating lantern
12 inch white paper pom pom
2015 Paper Lantern Ideas
New lantern decor ideas