2015 Paper Lantern Ideas

Criss Cross Round Paper Lantern

We carry irregular or crisscross ribbed lanterns are in white only and range in sizes starting from 12", 16", 20" and 24".

The freeform ribbing makes Criss cross Paper Lanterns an excellent addition, and alternative, to the Regular Ribbed Paper Lanterns. Crisscross Paper Lanterns are festive and flashy a great addition for your next event. Group these lanterns to enhance your decor at your next New Year’s party, cultural festival, or bridal shower. Also, use them as a permanent fixture in your arts and crafts store, bookstore, or hang them in different sizes from your trees in your backyard.

2015 Paper Lantern Colors
Lace fabric chinese lantern
Rose fabric chinese lantern
Soccer Paper lantern
Sky or floating lantern
12 inch white paper pom pom
2015 Paper Lantern Ideas
New lantern decor ideas