2015 Paper Lantern Ideas

36 inch Round Paper Lanterns, Even Ribbed

Make your party, event or wedding decorations classic and chic and with an air of magic and romance, the 36-inch white round paper lantern with even ribbing is for you. It makes a bold statement. Fills large spaces quickly. There is an indescribable beauty and elegance in a classic, round white paper lantern hanging lit or unlit in the spring sunshine or glowing on a balmy evening. Either way, these lovely lanterns from the Paper Lantern Store will add something special to your big day.

Hang these traditional Chinese lanterns indoors or outdoors and light them with lighting cord kits, fairy lights or some other lighting source offered at a great price by the Toronto Paper Lantern Store. Use these lanterns with other string lights, paper lanterns of different colors and shapes or star lanterns for a bit of contrast. You can also order smaller and larger white round paper lanterns to add a little bit of size variety to your 36-inch lanterns.

36" White Round Paper Lantern


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Made from rice paper  Even wire ribbing Size: 36 inch diameter x 35.25 inch height Weight : 1 lbs Ships flat Includes a "C" hook... More

Minimum quantity for "36" White Round Paper Lantern" is 1.

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2015 Paper Lantern Ideas
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